Riders Minds Documentary

Riders Minds are proud to announce the release of our poignant documentary, in conjunction with World Suicide Prevention Day, Friday 10 September.

In February this year the death of International Event Rider, Matthew Wright, shocked the equestrian community.

In her first public interview since the tragic death of her husband Matthew Wright, Victoria speaks openly about losing Matthew, the formation of Riders Minds, and the legacy to help other people.

Riders Minds Documentary explores mental health in the equestrian industry and asks the question; why do so many riders suffer with mental illness?

“We have lost so many riders to suicide and as an industry we have to do something about this now before we lose any more. The equestrian industry is seriously tough and although it can be the most amazing one to be in, it can also be the most unpleasant.

“Our documentary aims to raise awareness of suicide and some incredibly strong people were kind enough to share their own personal stories with us. The more people who have the courage to talk about the challenges, mental health, and the resources available, the better place we will make it.”

Victoria Wright

If you are affected by any of the issues raised then Riders Minds support can be found here

Live text support:

07480 488 103

Call the helpline:

0800 088 2073

Or use the webchat button.

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