For physical health matters, illnesses, or injuries you’ll visit a doctor. You might end up in A&E from say, being trodden on, serious falls, loading accidents. If you’re unwell, eg. the ‘flu or the common cold, minor injuries, aches and pains, you’ll self-medicate, visit a pharmacy and take care. You’ll manage ongoing conditions such as hay fever, asthma, allergies or a disability.

For help with your riding, competitiveness, upskilling and additional training, progressing from ponies to horses, you’ll get the relevant help. Same goes for business related matters, managing owners, buying/selling horses, horseboxes, or anything regarding your horse’s well-being, training and performance.

Yet, what do you do to actively take care of your mental health?

We can be OK and the unexpected happens. For example, you lose the ride; owners take horses away; you receive cruel social media posts; work/life balance impacts pleasure riding; you’re diagnosed with medical condition(s); you live with a disability; the ripple effect of life’s events. We can draw on our resilience, try making sense of why and what’s happened, process and work through it and recover. However, that can be challenging, and exhausting, especially over time and if we’re ‘going it alone’.

Being honest with ourselves when we need, want or would like help and support, is a huge and courageous step forward. Yet, disclosing can be another hurdle, regardless of who to. So finding appropriate support that works for us, can be another challenge especially if we value our privacy.

Riders Minds exists to help and support all equestrians’ well-being. It can help find a way forward rather than getting stuck, or suffering in silence, whilst maintaining privacy too if that’s a concern.

It’s not about talking to everyone; it’s about talking with someone.

For starters, you could take the short Mental Health Questionnaire, or check out the Self-Help Zone or Further Support. There’s always your GP of course. If you’re employed outside equestrian, check for availability and accessibility of any organisational support too.

However, should you need immediate help and support, please contact the support

Live text support:

07480 488 103

Call the helpline:

0800 088 2073

Or use the webchat button below.

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