When it comes to our mental health, recognising, or admitting we’re not 100% or ‘not ourselves’ isn’t always that easy. When we do realise or admit we need some extra TLC or support, what do we do then? 

Sometimes we might feel or sense we’re different to our normal, although unable to pinpoint why exactly. 

For example, “I should jump Flynn today, but I really can’t face it”, or, “Why am I dreading competing this weekend ?” [when I’m normally so excited] or “Why do I feel so on edge today?”. Is this simply tiredness, or is there more to it?

Another time, we might be unsure whether what we are thinking, feeling, experiencing is ‘normal’, especially if we keep quiet about it. Eg. “I think I may be struggling a bit at the moment, but who can I speak to about it?”, or “Is it normal to feel this overwhelmed riding for a particular owner? ” or “Riding’s supposed to be fun! Why am I not enjoying it lately?”.

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