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Direct support through Riders Minds Helpline

Riders Minds offers direct support for equestrians concerned about their mental health. Equestrians can call the helpline and receive one-to-one guidance from a confidential helpline accessible 24/7. This provides invaluable immediate support for those in crisis or requiring a listening ear.

Information for people having a bad day

The Riders Minds website provides a wealth of information specifically for equestrians who are seeking help or guidance about mental health.

Raising the awareness of mental health

As 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health issue at some point in their lives, it is likely that a significant number of equestrians will have or have had experience of a mental health issue.

By raising awareness of mental health in this sector, Riders Minds seeks to give aid and create a more open, compassionate atmosphere surrounding mental health in the equestrian sector.

Stigma reduction of talking about mental health in the equestrian sector

By running campaigns and getting equestrians talking about mental health more widely and in a more positive manner, Riders Minds will reduce the stigma of mental health in the equestrian sector.

The equestrian community will benefit greatly by being able to speak freely about mental health, creating a healthier and safer culture for equestrians and the wider public.

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