Sylvia Bruce


Sylvia is Riders Minds’ mental health consultant and primary website content creator. She’s been with Riders Minds from the very beginning; its raison d’etre is hers too. 

Sylvia’s mental ill-health (suicidal depression) to mental wealth experience inspired her to become an integrative counsellor – with additional, highly specialised training – an NLP Coach and Master, Equine Assisted NLP coach, Mind Holidays coach, speaker and passionate suicide prevention campaigner. 

Horses and horse riding is her lifelong passion and ‘happy place’. 

She’s a former banking executive with extensive experience creating and leading high-performing teams in dynamic, pressurised environments. As a Director, HSBC, her team managed every aspect of a multi-billion USD global portfolio. She was also HSBC’s Mental Health Network Chair masterminding creative initiatives, and for other DEI areas too. 

Sylvia now works with various organisations, businesses, Institutes, UK Government entities, work place well-being and education providers raising, and transforming, mental health awareness into effective actions. She also created content for BGA’s Grooms Minds and EEA’s Employers Minds online well-being resources. She’s a This Can Happen Ambassador and has a private practice. 

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