100 Miles for Riders Minds

Riders Minds have launched their first ever challenge in order to raise awareness of the mental health support available for to the industry. 

We want you to get involved in our #100milesforridersminds challenge. Choose to run, walk, cycle or rider (or a combination) 100 miles this month.

Together we can help to stop the stigma surrounding mental health, reach all those who need help as well as raising money which will go towards developing the resources that Riders Minds has to offer.

  1 in 4 people in UK will experience a mental health issue at some point in their lives, a large proportion of riders at some point will experience a mental health problem, whether directly or indirectly. Not everyone is happy to speak out and that is one of the things we aim to change.

Riders Minds is a bespoke, comprehensive, freely available, on-line resource dedicated to supporting and improving the mental health of all horse riders.

We offer direct support for horse riders concerned about their mental health. Riders can call the helpline and receive one-to-one guidance from a confidential helpline accessible 24/7. This provides invaluable immediate support for those in crisis or requiring a listening ear.

By fundraising for Riders Minds you are helping to reach even more people who need help and enabling the development of life-saving resources. 

The May Challenge
Ride, walk, run or cycle (or a combination of all) 100 miles during the month of May. If 100 miles seems a bit ambitious then you can set your own target, which of course can be less. Or if you are feeling super spritely why not try our 500 mile challenge.

Your challenge is virtual so you can do you miles whenever you want (and however you want).

If you are joining our challenge let us know and if you would like a fundraising pack simply message us with your email address.

Finally - let's share this challenge with as many people as possible so even if you don't want to join in you can still get involved by spreading the word! Together we are making a difference.

If you would like to support the challenge (even if you are not taking part) then you can change your profile picture to support the challenge. Click here for more information.