Puissance - Raising awareness and funds for Riders Minds

Puissance have pledged to donate 20% to Riders Minds from the sales of their beanie hats - The Ben.

Nesta Griffin, owner of equestrian brand; Puissance, told us why she wanted to support Riders Minds:

Riders Minds is important to me because mental health is important to talk about; to normalise a narrative of what happens in our heads when we are quiet, at the yard, with our families, even riding. Good mental health is elusive in this commercial, consumer world of the West. Of the people I know, half ride, half don’t and all of them have their struggles. There are many helplines for people from all backgrounds - Lifeline, NSPCC, MindCharity etc — but there is only one for equestrians; Riders Minds.


Equestrians fall into two camps in my experience. The first are people who have poor mental health, who are insecure, and then are critical, judgemental and unhelpful towards others (who will in turn suffer due to the negativity surrounding them).

The second are people who are working at attaining stable mental health, or who have good mental health. They see problems as things to draw alongside and work with as a team rather than as an individual who stands back, comments - but won’t help. These people help not hinder, praise achievements not plunder on mistakes, and support growth rather than suppress potential.

Why is Riders Minds important to me? Because both people need help and support, and both will need someone to talk to eventually. Having a helpline to talk through an awful week or to just have someone to listen to your problems without judgement is important in our world of competitions, never ending tack cleaning and running to the saddlery for more bedding.

I started Puissance with a goal in mind: to create an opportunity for minimalist equestrian wear which is made to a high standard, good quality and is fully committed to social awareness, both in the UK and abroad. It is important to me that a good percentage of the retail price (10% for hoodies and 20% for headwear) goes directly to charity.

  As headwear covers our head and metaphorically our mental health, 20% from our headwear range shall go straight to Riders’ Minds. That is £3 from every purchase going straight to charity. If Puissance can help support Riders Minds, while also raising awareness of mental health in our amazing sport, it will be one of the best things to come out of our young company’s first 6 months.

Horse sport has been gender neutral for millennia, and it is one of a handful of sports that doesn’t have a gender divide in the Olympic Games. How amazing it would be to show the world that equestrian sport isn’t an exclusive club, but an open minded, open handed sport which would help anyone from all backgrounds to enter into a sport that teaches teamwork, focus and communication so effectively.

Nesta Griffin

Thank you Nesta and Puissance.

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