How to look after your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak


Riders Minds provides mental health support for all riders. However, in these unprecedented times, we’re all learning to live our lives and run our businesses in different ways,  and there’s the added concern about our horses and ponies too.

We’ve some FAQ’s to help support your mental well-being during this period.


I am unable to ride, or see, my horse at the moment 

If you have not already done so, suggest and/or request that your livery yard owner uses technology to share videos, pictures of your horse(s), and/or provide regular updates, so you can still see, share in and keep in touch with their lives. 

Reminisce and remember by watching past videos and looking at pictures.

Keep in touch with other owners, riders, liveries too. 

For your own wellbeing, identify your ‘personal clues and cues’ so you can then recognise if your well-being is being affected, and then find ways to take care of it during this time, and any additional support.

I am worried that if I lose my income, how do i pay for my horse

Although, perhaps, daunting you will need to have a conversation with your livery yard owner, and sooner rather than later too.

Where can i find advice for my business

This is a particularly worrying time if you run a business. 

The Equestrian Employers Association has a dedicated Coronavirus page which has comprehensive guidance and advice, including how new coronavirus laws could affect your business.

i am a groom and worried about my employment

The British Grooms Association has a dedicated Coronavirus page and also Grooms Minds is a good resource to support your mental wellbeing. 

i am finding this time very stressful

Talking and having a conversation with a friend, family member or even using the Riders Minds Helpline is a good place to start.

You can get additional support too, and also find tips for stress management.  

Remember, it is not forever and it will pass in time. 


Further Coronavirus advice 

There is a lot of support available, including of course on Riders Minds! These two leading mental health charities have great website pages too: